Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity Nipple Slips

Sometimes on red carpet, photo shoots or something similar wardrobe malfunctions just happen to reveal a bit more that the star wanted, and some of them just to it intentionally.
In both cases, here's a little collection of our favorite nipple slips...

Tara Reid

This Tara Reid boob slip became so infamous that they actually made 'Tara Reid boob slip costumes' (the photo below...)

Salma Hayek

The latest celeb nipple slip is brought to you by our own cleavage queen Salma Hayek.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has posed nude sooo many times, so it's look like she's not even trying to cover them up any more...

Lily Allen

From a bubbly adorable singer, Lily came to so many kick ass boob slips...

Jessica Simpson

With the super large cleavages she constantly wears, a nipple slip was bound to happen. And for our big joy it finally did!

Ashlee Simpson

You gotta love it that we have both Simpson sisters on the list...

Ashley Tisdale

Co-star Vanessa Hudgens left the ball on Ash's court with all those nude pics, and Tisdale didn't disappoint (could have revealed a bit more, though...)


Even the super glamorous divas somtimes can slip...

Cameron Diaz

The lovely Cameron hasn't had many slips in her career, in fact I think this may be the only one I've ever seen of her.

Eva Mendes

Nudity is such a different issue on Europen and on American television. Actually, nudity is not an issue at all on European TV, so this Eva Mendes nipple slip is actually from a French TV show.

Holly Madison

I'm gonna pretend I've never seen Holly Madison naked, so I can truly be glad for this slip.

Amy Smart

I always liked actress Amy Smart and since she never posed nude it's always nice to see a bit of something we wouldn''t see otherwise.

Annalynne McCord

If this nip slip happened last year we wouldn't care enough to post it, but now Annalynne is super famous for being on the new 90210, so hers slip is famous too.

Now, not every nip slip can be sexy, so prove the multiply enlarged boobs of Jordan and Shauna Sand (a huge disgusting warning for both of them- NSFW)

Shauna Sand


There are some celebs with whom one slip just doesn't seem to cut it, so they keep doing it again and again. So here are a few of our nipple slip queens...

Bai Ling

Well well, if I? had a Bai Ling picture without her nipples hanging out, it would be news for me. Boobs coming out to play is just a daily routine for our dear Bai.
Btw. these are the weirdest, largest nipples I've ever seen on a girl!

Britney Spears

Britney had quite a bit of 'naked days' while hanging out with attention whore starlet Paris Hilton.
For Britney, this was the worst idea ever, for us, let's say we really hoped their naked friendship will never end...

Lindsay Lohan

This first Lindsay Lohan boob slip is so famous that it actually started the boob job rumors that we hear even today about her.

Mischa Barton

Remember the time when Mischa was a gorgeous, classy actress?
Well, now she's all sloppy with very often slips (not that we complain...)

Paris Hilton

Of all these 'accidental' Paris Hilton boob slips, one is actually from her official music video shoot. Not a bad career move I might add...


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